Welcome Letter From The Author

Welcome Letter From The Author



As I write this on a cold, windy, dreary day I reflect on the unexpected success of  Cotton Mathis-Journey to Memphis and am grateful to each and every reader for taking the time to go on a journey to Memphis with me. Cotton, Papa Jim and Boaz are deep, abiding parts of the16 year old girl who grappled to understand the racism around me when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated so close to my home.

The past 50 years has been an unwinding of emotions I could not understand at the time and the culture I grew up in. My experience is not much different than every American who remembers that horrible day. After six years of working on the book and getting to know Dr. King I believe he would marvel at much of what has transpired, but be deeply saddened by our divisions today.

For me it is time to move on to the next chapters for these characters. I am in the outline phase of the sequel to Cotton Mathis and so excited about what is coming. I think you will be too. The book will be set as the 21st century begins to reveal itself and the news events surrounding the story will be familiar to readers.

You will be introduced to two new characters who have crept into my heart and made me love them. Their names are Cora Lee White and Uncle Tap Tap. They are bursting to jump from the pages and take you with them on a new journey to Memphis. I will keep you posted on our progress and would be so thrilled at hear from readers at CClan52390@aol.com.


All the best,

Cecilia Croft Clanton

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